About CEs4MTs

Dana Watson, LMT

Owner & Operator of Relative Touch, LLC since 2014
Licensed Massage Therapist: NJ (18KT0052020200) & PA (MSG008117)

NCBTMB Approved CE (Continuing Education) Provider #1544:

Massage Laws: NJ (1.0 OR 1.5 CEs – Live/Distance Learning & Home Study)

Intro to Geriatric Massage (4 CEs – Live/Distance Learning)

*The Power of Touch (2.5 CEs – Live/Distance Learning)

Managing Your Massage Business (4 CEs – Live/Distancing Learning)

Marketing Your Massage Business (4 CEs – Live/Distance Learning)

Geriatric, Hospice & Dementia Massage (14 OR 16 Live CEs)

Viral Diseases 101: The Future of Massage (3 CEs Distance Learning)

Massage Laws: PA (1.5 CEs – Live/*Distance Learning)

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